A Letter From the Universe

It is all super confusing and none of it makes sense right now but you are going to figure it out one day. Probably. Or you won’t.

Jade Scott
2 min readApr 17


Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Dear You,

This letter is for you if you are feeling really confused and lost right now. This letter is for you if you are climbing up the escalator that is going downwards consistently.

You are going to be okay or you won’t and that’s cool either way. It’s going to work out or it won’t and that will be information either way. Whatever it is. Bills, life, relationships, people, choices, it’s going to happen. These things are either going to explode or not explode. They are going to exist or not exist. They are going to happen or not happen. But you will not be destroyed. Or you will. Which will be alright as well.

You may survive. You may not. It may hurt. It may be painless. It may feel wonderful. You may hit rock bottom. You may reach the highest peak. You may have a bland experience where nothing happens good or bad. There may be no words to describe the experience. But it will happen. Or it won’t happen. And either way, it will be. What it is.

And that is okay. And that is enough. And that is cool and not cool. And that is and isn’t. It just is it.

This letter isn’t going to solve anything or make anything make sense or make anything better. This is just something to remind you that there is no certainty on this journey and there is no right answer, and that is just that.

Accepting that is the first step. It is a struggle. It is painful. It feels like giving up and holding on at the same time. It is confusing. It is beautiful and grotesque. It is horrible and magnificent, and all the different words in between.

There is no catharsis. There is only this. That it is happening. Whatever it is. Hold on or let it go. There is no right answer.

Hope this was everything that you needed. Or some more confusion to stoke the fire of your existential crisis.

Love you! or do I…?

-The Universe




Jade Scott